Fair Processing Notice

Privacy Notice
Your Data – Your Health and Social Care shared Record.

What is a privacy notice?
This Privacy Notice outlines how as part of the Share for You programme we are safely, securely and legally using your personal data so that we can effectively provide joined up Health and Social Care services to you.

This Privacy Notice meets what is expected of us under the Data Protection Legislation which includes information about your rights.

To help you, we have outlined below answers to questions you may have about;

  • The Share for You programme and the benefits to you and us.
  • How we keep your personal data safe, secure and only allow some staff to access and use your personal data.
  • The purposes of the data sharing and what legally we can share.
  • Who’s involved and the Towns in Greater Manchester we cover,
  • The technology being used, and how long we keep your personal data for.
  • How you can opt out and also get a copy of your personal data or use other rights in relation to your personal data.
  • Who to contact if your unhappy with this data sharing or how your personal data is being managed.
  • Contact details of our Data Protection Officers and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who regulate what we can do around using and sharing your personal data.

What personal data will you be sharing about me?
We will only use and securely share what is necessary to provide joined up health and Social Care Services to you.  We will be securely sharing personal data that includes your name, NHS number, postcode, Date of birth and address, as well as ethnicity, physical or mental health, sexual life and health, adoption, school and social services records.

We will not share your personal data if you opt out unless we have to by law.

We will never sell your personal data or provide your personal data to organisations that have not signed up to our Data Sharing Protocol and Agreement.

How will you ensure that you only legally sharing the minimum data about me?
The ‘Share for You’ programme has worked together to ensure that we only share the minimum personal data we need to about you and are using legal powers that we can use under existing Data Protection legislation.

Overall and as part of the ‘Share for You’ programme we have put in place robust processes to ensure we meet the law.  We will always respect your reasonable expectations about what personal data we share about you, and you can opt out at any point of this programme.

We are mainly using legal powers called legitimate, vital interest and public task powers.  We will only legally use these powers as outlined within our Data Sharing Protocol and Data Sharing Agreement.   We have also conducted a Data Processing Impact Assessment to make sure that the ways we will use this information are clearly documented.

How we use, process and share your personal data as regulated by Data Protection legislation.  This is generally through the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There is other legislation that we will consider when sharing your personal data, including whats known as the common law of Confidentiality.  Overall, these legal powers are used to provide more effective Health and Social Care services to you.

Can I opt out of this data sharing?
Yes, you can opt out at any time.   To do this you need to speak to your GP who will opt you out of the programme.   As soon as you opt out staff such as your GP, Clinician, Nurse or Social Worker won’t be able to share your personal data as part of this programme. This will mean we will have to ask you again questions which you may have been asked before. We also won’t have access to other related information about you. This may impact upon providing you with an overall joined-up package of Health and Social Care services to you.

If you do opt out we may by law still be required to share your personal data. This could be for several reasons such as to protect you or another person from harm.

If I opt out, can I opt back in?
Yes of course.  If you did opt out you can opt back in at any time.  To do this speak to your GP.

Can I have a copy of the Personal Data you hold on me and what are my rights?
Yes, you have several rights including access to your personal data.   To gain a copy of your personal data held by that organisation you will need to contact them (see the “Contact” page for more details)

That organisation will then review your request and provide you with what you are entitled to.

You also have other rights which includes the right to rectify mistakes, restrict, object or move your data in certain circumstances.

How long do you keep my personal data for?
The Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2016  outlines how long your personal data is kept for.  The Share for You programme will initially last till 2021.